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    posted message: This is a good overview video on the reason for the introduction of CC when C became automatic in the 1980s. I like the emphasis on the complementary relationship with Copyright law. However I agree with one of the commentators on the video site, there needs to be a critical mass of CC items for people to find it easy to use ( rather than give up and just do their normal copy and unattributed paste). For instance there is a lot of CC images of the capital city in which I now live but very little on the non touristy small town I used to live in. I have started uploading my photos of the area to Flickr with a CC license to do my bit to fix this. As I see it was have an obligation to create CC items as well as use them.
    posted message: I can not post on the Get CC Savvy page where I saw the video...nonetheless, I found the video informative, especially @ 5:30 where there is a comparison between "Big C" and CC. After that point in the video, I also liked how there was an explanation about the way CC facilitates sharing on the internet. Here is a link to another video that I feel explains CC well.... http://creativecommons.org/videos/a-shared-culture
    posted message: It is good know that Copyright and CC existing. I think more efficient to have CC especially after people start using internet Because people can access creative anywhere in the world. I would think owner share their creative for improve quality in the world.
    posted message: I completed every task but could not reply or post any massages. However, i did enjoy the challenges/tasks and find them important to reinforce my knowledge and perspective about copyright and sharing. Thanks
    posted message: I have found this challenge to be informative. I have been viewing past webinars to gain knowlege to present this information to teams members at our college. The concept sounds like a good idea. Hopefully, we will have many contributors from our school. I have published before but Creative Commons sounds a lot easier.
    posted message: I've found this challenge to be very informative. I've already released a number of creative works under differing CC licenses. I wish I had come across this challenge before I did that. Reading through the CC site explains all of this, but not in the very easy to digest format presented here. What it took me some time and experimentation to learn over several months, I got here in 30 minutes. I work with a lot of creative types who also publish independent games (table top stuff) and I'm just about to go out and share this challenge with them all. Is this available anywhere on the CC page? In their FAQ? It certainly should be!
    posted message: I have read the CC licences for sometime now and yet there are some questions that I receive from IP owners that still baffle me. * One, Why would I allow someone to sell my work commercially and yet I took life threatening moves to capture a photo? * Two, When they sell the works and I get attributed yet there is no monetary value I personally get, then the whole point of my proffession as a cameraperson is not being respected. * What if I do not get the attribution? Are there mechanisms to track the rogue users who will misuse my work? * How is copyright law factored in the free culture licences?

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