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Med P2PU arbetar vi tillsammans för att lära oss ett ämne genom uppgifter, bedöma egna arbeten och grupparbeten, och ge konstruktiv återkoppling.

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    skickat meddelande: happy to learn
    skickat meddelande: www.graphxmedia.ca
    skickat meddelande: www.qtpcenter.com
    skickat meddelande:
    skickat meddelande: hello, im also live
    skickat meddelande: i think i did it this time. im live
    skickat meddelande: I have completed this challenge and I feel happy that I know all these thing
    skickat meddelande: I have completed this project/challenge and I feel so happy about what I have learned and achieved so far! https://developer.mozilla.org/tr/demos/detail/avx-adblock/launch
    skickat meddelande: Hy here is mine http://frequently-music.com/helloworld
    skickat meddelande: Hi everyone, I've finished this challenge, and I gained a lot from working though each of the tasks. It was a lot of fun too! However, I'm a little stuck on where to go next - does anybody have any suggestions for the best next step? Thanks in advance!
    skickat meddelande: I have completed this project/challenge and I feel so happy about what I have learned and achieved so far! I can't wait to jump into the next challenge and get going again! All this has just made my days much fun. You can find my awesome blog by simply visiting: http://simpledeveloper.wordpress.com/2012/12/31/final-blast-off-houston-all-clear-level-6/ and please remember to leave a link to your blog! I would love to visit and check it out!
    skickat meddelande: I am starting this challenge although I have done website publishing before, several times. I am going to create or rather register a domain and then will share it with you guys. Right now though, please visit my blog and see my progress: remember to drop me a line and include a link to your page so I can check it out! Thanks http://simpledeveloper.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/domain-names-dns-hacking-level-4/
    skickat meddelande: Hi this is my hello world: http://netaire.info/html_document_gedit.html, and this is my blogpost: http://elrevolucionista.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/school-of-webcraft-en-vivo-y-a-todo-color/
    skickat meddelande: Hello everyone, I completed this task last month and have been checking back to review other's submissions but I am still waiting on a couple reviews to get my own badge, would you mind taking a minute to review my post please? http://p2pu.org/en/badges/publishing/submissions/92/
    skickat meddelande: Oh, I am tired. The time is over midnight here in Sweden... It was very interesting day, the hardest is to understand and write in english, but it´s fun. I have even start to dream in English :) Tomorrow a big day and I dont know witch site I will use yet...Kjell

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