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  • Markus Deimann   7 oktober 2011 05:45

    Struggle to progress

    How do you overcome feelings of being overloaded with too many things?

  • Vesa Linja-aho   7 oktober 2011 05:48
    Som Svar På:   Markus Deimann   7 oktober 2011 05:45

    I share the same feeling. Social media is very time consuming, but on the contrary, it takes less time than meeting all the interesting people with 1970's technology :-).

    I usually work at evenings - when everyone is sleeping, it is easy to concentrate on things which require sharp attention.

  • EdV   7 oktober 2011 09:23
    Som Svar På:   Markus Deimann   7 oktober 2011 05:45

    Set achievable goals and start out small.  Also try to appreciate that  working on "something else" is not necessarily to the detriment of doing what you think you need to get done.  

    For instance I am in the process of recovering my piano repetoire but I only have 30 minutes every other day to practice.  Not practicing one or two pieces does not make them sound worse when I get back to them. They actually are sounding better because playing the piano at all makes me a better piano player.

    If I just do what I can when I can things start to fall into place.




  • dtschopp   21 oktober 2011 08:36
    Som Svar På:   Markus Deimann   7 oktober 2011 05:45

    I have similiar issues. Doing small steps help. I will try to have a regular schedule for my self learning.

  • Eshinee Veith   29 oktober 2011 10:45
    Som Svar På:   Markus Deimann   7 oktober 2011 05:45

    It often helps me to remind myself that I am my own taskmaster. Therefore, I should be able to say to myself that, yes, the list is big but at least the list has been made. Once a task is on the list, it isn't really going anywhere unless I decide to remove it. Then, I can ask myself to cut me some slack while I fit my learning into the rest of my life.

    I always say yes; how could I say no to this face? laugh

    Part of the beauty of self-learning, in my mind, is that my schedule can truly be mine as I make it to be. Life carries enough uncertainty and turmoil on its own without me adding to my own stress levels by creating deadlines where they need not be. It's about event-orientation, rather than time-orientation; one of the more healthy ways of living that I've adopted since moving to southern Africa.

    There is a fine line between discipline and oppression but we can learn to dance it in application to ourselves.