Lär dig vad som helst med dina vänner.

Med P2PU arbetar vi tillsammans för att lära oss ett ämne genom uppgifter, bedöma egna arbeten och grupparbeten, och ge konstruktiv återkoppling.

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    skickat meddelande: Did anyone receive the message about the new meeting time for the Blogging group on Mondays? Let's try again next week! I hope to see you there - or if you can't attend to read a comment on the task page. http://p2pu.org/en/groups/blogging-and-writing-for-the-web/content/new-meeting-time-mondays-1700-gmt/
    skickat meddelande: Hey, got your messages. I apologize for my lack of responding. "Let's spend the next three weeks thinking about some tangible goals for the group and meet up in mid- October to work out a specific plan for the remaining 8 weeks?" I'm game. I'm going to brainstorm ideas on my own to prepare for the meeting that's coming up soon.
    skickat meddelande: Are any Blogging and Writing for the Web participants receiving messages via the Activity Wall (like this?) Please let me know - I sent a message on Sept 25 and received no replies from anyone!
    skickat meddelande: I have a feeling this group will be more useful if we create a specific schedule and goals for set amount of time. We started off really well, but without enough structure we've lost focus! The group is also very large now and there seems to be a lot of interest in some more professional blogging type tasks to work through. I'd like to see what we can achieve before mid-December. Let's spend the next three weeks thinking about some tangible goals for the group and meet up in mid- October to work out a specific plan for the remaining 8 weeks?
    skickat meddelande: Thanks to Wanderman for helping to process the outstanding sign-ups!
    skickat meddelande: Hi, as there's a lot of interesting (and interested) new participants in this group, there is an increasing range of interests and goals. We should collectively identify how best to organise the group and how responsibilities are shared. It will be easiest to do this if we can organise another call. Can you list your name underneath your preferred call times on the Etherpad? http://pad.p2pu.org/BloggingAndWritingForTheWeb The time with the most names will be used to organise the next call. The call is not compulsory, but it's a great way to meet other participants and have your opinion shared. Let me know what time is best! Pippa
    skickat meddelande: I keep thinking maybe I'll get up early enough to join the call but the snooze button wins *every* time. Sorry!
    skickat meddelande: Hey everyone, I'm going to hang out on Voxli and the etherpad for a while this morning. Friday July 15th's Voxli address is https://voxli.com/d464 (NOTE this is a one time only meeting address). Etherpad as always is http://pad.p2pu.org/BloggingAndWritingForTheWeb
    skickat meddelande: Thank you to Zuzel for retrieving the "Introduce Yourself" task (and related comments) and showing me how to use a very useful feature in P2PU's Lernanta platform!
    skickat meddelande: Hey everyone! I'm back home after several weeks spent helping out my Dad back in Australia. 1) I'd love to kickstart my re/involvement in this group with another call. Is 10am (GMT) on Fridays still good for most people or should we try to schedule the call a little later to make it easier for those in the Americas? 2) Also - the Introduce Yourself task was accidentally deleted. I've put though a request in the hope we can retrieve the data. 3) There are a whole lot of new people in the group who haven't got their blog in our aggregated feed. If you'd like to get your blog feed into the Aggregated group feed please let me know! I hope that you're all well. Pippa
    skickat meddelande: ACTIVITY: Pick out what article you think is your worst piece of work and analyze what went wrong on it. Comment your findings and keep them in your head for future reference as what not to do.
    skickat meddelande: Peoples of here. Hi there(: I'll be brief; I think that we should band together, us bloggers, and start a group blog for entertainment & lifestyle. Entertainment sector obviously covers celebrity and movies and music, so you're a bit tied down to current events there. Lifestyle, however, is more broad and you can be more self-expressive in that sector. We'll need at least ten committed writers delivering 1-2 posts a week to start and a couple of partnerships. Anybody in? Out? Yes or no? Comment and letme know.
    skickat meddelande: Hi Y'all, I've been away in Tasmania - a place with very little internet coverage but lots of wonderful trees, rocks, lichen, worts, mushrooms etc and water, both salt and fresh. I will get back to participating soon. L
    skickat meddelande: Hello everybody. If you are a subscriber and have been waiting to participate for a while, that wait is now over. Recent changes to the university mean that you can now add yourself as a participant and join us! Press the "participate" button on the left-hand sidebar (under "People"). We are looking forwards to meeting up with you - and reading your blogs.
    skickat meddelande: Good job on the blog aggregator, @Pippa. Subscribed. You'll have to show me how to do that Pipe-y thing.
    skickat meddelande: Ah, there were a couple of people who hadn't answered any of the sign-up questions and hadn't updated their profile. I did contact them and ask them to resubmit.
    skickat meddelande: I've added a couple of extra people to participate in the study group. I know we are feeling it out still, but are we limiting participant numbers? Is there a rationale as to why some people have /not/ yet been added? I know that some followers will feel frustrated by the waiting, and I would rather add more people than not. I am aware that there could be issues with scale - but we can talk about that.
    skickat meddelande: Ah! That would be why, lol.
    skickat meddelande: @blackstar - it's thursday! Tomorrow I have the 11am meeting on my calendar :)
    skickat meddelande: Hi everybody, have I missed the Friday meeting - or are we not having one this week?