skickat meddelande: ***TESTING*** the cloning feature of P2PU. Looks good! now how do I delete it....????
skickat meddelande: Hey! Glad to be here! I'm on the coordination team for -- this year we're lighting up New York Law School Sept. 10-12th -- Popcorn.JS is a big part of our efforts, we'll be having a pitch session and plugin hack groups with some excellent developers -- message me if you have questions or want to volunteer (free admission!) -- hope to see you all there!
skickat meddelande: You can now export a .csv of everyone's projects via the "export data" button on the top right of the page
skickat meddelande: Also a great resource for Javascript libraries - Feel free to add others to our "General Resources" Etherpad (accessible from external links sidebar)
skickat meddelande: POTENTIAL PARTNERSHIP ideas - 1. Word on the street is that Cole is has a cool project underway using popcorn.js video, anyone else who wants to work with popcorn.js interested in getting a discussion going? Perhaps John Tynan too since he's played with it? I'm especially interested in getting cool demos together in the run up to the Open Video Conference in NYC (Sept 12 & 13th ) so holler at me about that 2. Since we have a small pool of hacks with a journalism background (Corbin, Amy, Jason, Maura, Shaminder, Marian, ??missing anyone??) was wondering if the rest of the class who makes up a larger pool of hackers, sees any opportunity in bringing these folks into your prototype development process
skickat meddelande: some of you have noticed some bugs in P2PU, i.e. Thanks for reporting! If you see other bugs, please let the team know here:
skickat meddelande: LECTURE 2 RECORDED VIDEO - now up! access via first comment on "Lecture 2..." task page in sidebar, or at the top of the "Lecture 2..." etherpad via external links sidebar