Tell Your Peers About Your New Blog Post

Post it on the challenge discussion page

You're now ready to share your magnificent blog post with your peers on the challenge discussion page. It doesn't have to be much, just something along the lines of "Hi, I'm Troy and I've just completed the first challenge, come and say Hi. I look forward to meeting you all"

Spend about 5 minutes posting to the challenge discussion page.

Task Discussion

  • davd.c.hall said:

    Hello, everyone. I posted my first blog entry on this wonderful journey of web making. Go check it out. Say hi. Let's have a good time!

    on 10 april 2014 22:33
  • Alina said:

    My blog on wordpress -

    on 9 april 2014 04:11
  • GoblinKing707 said:

    Yep just created my blog and posted a bit. The names shawn, and im kinda new here. Check out my stuff

    on 8 april 2014 19:56
  • daz said:

    Hey - have created a new blog to document the development / learning as part of this tutorial! come by and check it out...



    on 8 april 2014 13:20
  • FunkBarbarian said:

    I have created a blog to document this journey. Please visit and offer advice.

    on 8 april 2014 10:45
  • Noobstar said:

    Hi fellow peers

    people posted my FIRST post feeling like the new Zuckerberg out here

    Go check it  out


    on 4 april 2014 06:24
  • marycottle said:

    Hi guys,

    I have started a new blog on www.foodyehyeh.  Hope to add to it soon with lots of pictures.  At least that's my plan.

    on 4 april 2014 06:16
  • marycottle said:

    Hi guys,

    I have started a new blog on www.foodyehyeh.  Hope to add to it soon with lots of pictures.  At least that's my plan.

    on 4 april 2014 06:16
  • joshua Harris said:


    My name is josh and I just finished posting my new blog.  If you care to view it please go to


    Thank you again. 



    on 3 april 2014 16:58
  • CountryGuitarGirl said:

    Hey, I'm CountryGuitarGirl and am ready to learn about web design! Here's my blog post for first challenge:

    on 2 april 2014 13:13

    Rey said:

    Hello there, I visited your blog but unfortunately I found no post yet. Did you write something in activity #2? It should be right there in your blog posted. If you have trouble or something you can post here for help.

    best regards


    on 2 april 2014 14:45 in reply to CountryGuitarGirl

    joshua Harris said:

    Link didn't seem to work. 


    on 3 april 2014 17:05 in reply to CountryGuitarGirl
  • slimboyfat45 said:


    hi ive visited  Rodrigo B. Pimenta's blog and its really neat and organised which i cant say for my own blog :P           <= take a look

    on 1 april 2014 13:20

    Rey said:

    Don't worry about the looks of you blog, It will come along.

    on 2 april 2014 14:48 in reply to slimboyfat45
  • slimboyfat45 said:

    hey guys ium steven ive finished my first post and challange this is my blog. its a work in progress (i think)

    on 1 april 2014 13:13
  • slimboyfat45 said:    my blog post (im still a bit confused if im doing this right

    on 1 april 2014 13:12
  • Rey said:

    Hello everyone! I'm a newbie and willing to learn web design. Lets get web making! Just call mi Rey, I hope we can build a custom website after then :) . and also please take a look at my blog at . please let me know what you think. Thanks! Lets enjoy and have some fun in webmaking101

    on 28 maart 2014 10:37
  • aaron fritschen said:

    Hello I just finished the first challenge. I look forward to moving onto the next. Have a great day everyone!

    on 26 maart 2014 15:12
  • Rodrigo PImenta said:

    I'm Rodrigo. And I have created this blog for the course:

    I hope you enjoy!

    on 26 maart 2014 11:42
  • riatha1982 said:

    Hi, I'm Steph!  I've created a blog at for the course.  Have a look if you like.

    on 23 maart 2014 20:48
  • deliriumtrigger666 said:

    Hello, My name is Kasey Pelchy and I have completed this challenge at my blog

    on 23 maart 2014 17:44
  • medicmeister said:

    Hi there! Almost done with the first challenge.........yay! Here is my first blog post. Please feel free to visit and comment!

    Brad's Blog

    on 20 maart 2014 00:29
  • Sniapuz said:

    Feeling like a kid...So excited

    Have a look at my first and awesome post on my personal trial blog

    on 17 maart 2014 15:48