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    gepost bericht: We are organizing a a meet-up/code-in for people who want to get into Lernanta development in the Toronto area. Let us know if you are from around here or if you will like to somehow participate online. We will be talking about Github and Django as well.
    gepost bericht: Greetings those newly following or interested in this study group. This is an open group which means it will always be available for joining. Feel free to jump right in at any time and start with task #1 even if it looks quiet. We're still here and available to answer your questions! Looking forward to your commits! :)
    gepost bericht:

    I'm working on a survey to gather feedback but we've already gotten a bunch of great ideas each week -- Thank you! -- that we can use for the documentation.

    Those that are finishing up or finished, please check out the newly updated last task's page.

    gepost bericht: Hello new followers! Feel free to join this group at any time! Some have started recently and some are near completion but we're still here to help you get started hacking on Lernanta.
    gepost bericht:

    Welcome to week 4! For week 4, we're to fix a bug. Some have already like Julia, Andrew, Vladimir, James, and Paul. Thank you! The next release is Monday but we're going to stop new functional additions on Thursday so that we can spend time testing the development code. The next release after that is in two weeks so it's quite alright if you need the weekend to code!

    Question for this week: Do you want to create groups and/or pairs in order to tackle a bug? Please let us know with a comment on task 4: fix a bug.

    gepost bericht: Since it looks like a few of you have finished getting the environment set up or close to being done, I thought I'd let you know that there are a lot of new "possible easy contribution" tasks in the bug tracker. Feel free to use one as your experimentation task! http://p2pu.lighthouseapp.com/projects/71002-lernanta/tickets/bins/299453
    gepost bericht: Welcome everyone to week 2! Checking in to see how everyone is progressing with the second task (http://new.p2pu.org/en/groups/introduction-to-contributing-to-lernata/content/task-two-create-development-environment/) of setting up the local development environment. If you are running into problems, please post on the task's page and we'll work together to solve it!
    gepost bericht: Cross-posted with p2pu-dev mailing list: I just fetched the latest from github and noticed we have a new dependency "voting." If you try to run the code and get an error that you are missing "voting," here's how to get rid of that on Ubuntu. After you do the "workon lernanta" step, do the dependency install step again by typing this at the prompt: pip install -r requirements/dev.txt This will grab any requirements that you're missing. Hope that helps!
    gepost bericht: Welcome everyone! We've gotten started this week with introductions and I'm looking forward to seeing more as well as learning with you! In preparation for next week (and for those that might be getting started early), I'm going to be updating the documentation on how to install and run the code on your local system over the next few days. It's a living document, of course, so will continue to change based on your feedback. Again, if you run into any problems, please let us know.
    gepost bericht:

    Hello everyone! The group officially starts April 25, but feel free to wander through the tasks and post any feedback. I've looked over some of the profiles and desires and trying to figure out how best to get you involved. If you want, I can send you bugs I think would be perfect for you and you correct me.

    The next version of Lernanta goes live April 25ish too so if you wanted to get some code in before then, please let me know! You can message me here with any questions.

    gepost bericht:

    Thank you, Sean and Stian! This is definitely going to be fun!

    gepost bericht:

    This is a great idea.

    gepost bericht:

    YAY! looking forward to this!

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