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  • EnvironmentalScience


    Welcome to Jesmion an organizer of environmental-science, we are to have a brief introduction about EnvironmentalScience: Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary academic field that integrates, physical, biological, and informational-science included. Not limited to ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, zoology, minerology, oceanology, limnology, geology, geodesy, geography, atmospheric-science etc, am Jesmion, we should go into full studies about this environmentalscience after this brief introductions:

  • How to make online educational video tutorials?

    How to make online educational video tutorials?

    This course help you to learn basics of How to make videos? How to make presentation? what kind of tool needed? You can learn following things in this course: How to make video? How to script, record, & edit tutorial videos with Camtasia & Audacity? Tips for Voice Overs How to setup home based studio? How to make a best presentation?

  • Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma

    Entrenamiento Lean Six Sigma para Grundfos

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