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  • Top Guide Of Remote Access Connection Manager With Mac

    Top Guide Of Remote Access Connection Manager With Mac

    Remote accessibility generally refers to among 3 points. Initially, you could intend to access the documents on a Mac in your home or in an office from someplace else.

  • Connaître les utilisateurs fréquents de Virtual Chambres de données

    Connaître les utilisateurs fréquents de Virtual Chambres de données

    Les préférences ainsi que des personnalités ont un impact direct sur le comportement des utilisateurs et ils sont classés en différents types d'utilisateurs.

  • EnvironmentalScience


    Welcome to Jesmion an organizer of environmental-science, we are to have a brief introduction about EnvironmentalScience: Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary academic field that integrates, physical, biological, and informational-science included. Not limited to ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, zoology, minerology, oceanology, limnology, geology, geodesy, geography, atmospheric-science etc, am Jesmion, we should go into full studies about this environmentalscience after this brief introductions:

  • How to make online educational video tutorials?

    How to make online educational video tutorials?

    This course help you to learn basics of How to make videos? How to make presentation? what kind of tool needed? You can learn following things in this course: How to make video? How to script, record, & edit tutorial videos with Camtasia & Audacity? Tips for Voice Overs How to setup home based studio? How to make a best presentation?

  • Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma

    Entrenamiento Lean Six Sigma para Grundfos

  • Evaluate Your Residence For A Conservatory Addition

    Evaluate Your Residence For A Conservatory Addition

    Conservatories have actually come a lengthy method from the glassed-in patios of the 1960s. Today's versions are full-fledged year-round spaces including basilica ceilings, skylights, energy-efficient windows, tile floor covering, warmth, and cooling.

  • Nourish(RX) - January 2015

    Nourish(RX) - January 2015

    Learn how to fuel your body.

  • Open Internet

    Open Internet

    El objetivo principal de este curso es comenzar a formar una nueva generación de defensores y activistas para que trabajen en crear y mantener un Internet Libre y Abierto. Por eso, el curso está dirigido a activistas emergentes, abogados, jóvenes profesionales, jóvenes responsables políticos y otras personas que estén interesadas en aprender los fundamentos de los temas relacionados con la intersección entre la promoción y la defensa de los derechos humanos e Internet. Los temas que se desarrollarán en el curso incluyen la planeación estratégica, el desarrollo de objetivos con el uso de la metodología SMART, gobernanza de Internet, derechos digitales, neutralidad de la red y el impacto de acuerdos de libre comercio en el Internet Libre y Abierto, entre otros. El curso consiste en doce módulos, uno por semana, y cada módulo incluye lecturas, tareas, videos multimedia, y debates facilitados por un tutor. El contenido didáctico está principalmente en español y aunque existen contenido

  • Research and Development 4 Universal Human Language

    Research and Development 4 Universal Human Language

    This is a study group to advance the language arts. That is to take note of what is the the best parts of all the diverse spoken and written languages, and from that combine what we know about our human nature to create from scratch, an entirely new language that will aid us in our future, based on evidence and our wildest imaginations.

  • Adopting Open Textbooks

    Adopting Open Textbooks

    This 4 week facilitated course is aimed primarily at teaching faculty in higher education who are considering adopting an open textbook, but don't know where to begin. In this applied course, we will look at what are open textbooks and (more broadly) what is open education and open educational resources, what is Creative Commons and how does the open Creative Commons license work with open textbooks, how to find, use and adapt open textbooks, and what kinds of support do faculty typically need when making the switch from a commercial textbook to an open textbook.

  • Hacking Open Source Participation

    Hacking Open Source Participation

    This course will provide hands-on, learn by doing, opportunity go level-up your open source skill-set while collaborating with others learning at the same time.

  • Avoin kulttuuridata -mestarikurssi

    Avoin kulttuuridata -mestarikurssi

    Miten avata dataa tai kulttuurisisältöjä? Mitä avoimet lisenssit tarkoittavat? Mitä avatuilla kulttuurivarannoilla voi edes oikeastaan tehdä? Avoin kuttuuridata -mestarikurssi vastaa muun muassa näihin kysymyksiin. Se tarjoaa muisti- ja kulttuuriorganisaatioille tietoa ja välineitä kulttuuridatan ja sisältöjen avaamiseksi sekä ideoita kulttuurivarantojen monipuolisempaan hyödyntämiseen.

  • Glottodidattica Digitale Inclusiva

    Glottodidattica Digitale Inclusiva

    Corso in Didattica della Lingua per l'Integrazione [M-PED/03] presso il Dipartimento di Scienze Umane dell'Università degli Studi dell'Aquila, docente Claudia Valentini. Obiettivi del Corso: Conoscenza dei metodi e delle strategie della Glottodidattica Inclusiva. Conoscenza dei temi e delle attuali metodologie didattiche integrate e digitali delle Lingue (Materna, Straniera, Seconda) anche in presenza di Disabilità, Disturbi Specifici dell’Apprendimento e Bisogni Educativi Speciali.

  • Creativity for Learning in Higher Education

    Creativity for Learning in Higher Education

    This open course is for anybody involved in teaching, supporting learning or development of others with an interest in creative teaching and learning, providing their teaching enables them to implement an innovation. Within this course, enablers and barriers to creativity in higher education will be explored together with related pedagogical theory and literature. Participants will experience learning through play, games, models and stories and actively experiment with such approaches. This will help them further develop their understanding, knowledge, skills and practices in these areas. Students will be able to critically reflect on their practice and identify opportunities to design, implement and evaluate an imaginative and creative innovation that fosters curiosity, maximises motivation and meaningful active engagement and discovery learning. The educator is challenged to be creative in order for creativity to be developed in the students. This course has been developed by C

  • @jesmion


    Welcome to Jesmion's free open online html tutorial, here we will discuss what i have learnt from the html and sow, etc

  • adJ como sistema operativo de escritorio

    adJ como sistema operativo de escritorio

    Aprenda como realizar las tareas más típicas de un usuario de escritorio desde un servidor seguro con adJ.

  • HSC SDD - Planning and designing software solutions

    HSC SDD - Planning and designing software solutions

    To solve complex problems you need to develop a strategy. You need to be able to identify inputs and outputs, to select, describe and use relevant data structures, to explain the procedures required for the solution and explain how each of these will interact. Well-structured algorithms should be developed. Desk checking of algorithms and documentation of the proposed solution are also important.

  • Curso Visual Basic

    Curso Visual Basic

    Visual Basic

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