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  • Administración Locución

    Administración Locución

    El curso aborda la Administración, en el área de locución, en que aprenderán herramientas útiles en la planificación, organización, dirección y control de los recursos (humanos, financieros, materiales, tecnológicos, del conocimiento, etc.) de una organización, con el fin de obtener el máximo beneficio posible.

  • Ofimatica Chicala

    Ofimatica Chicala

    Curso Ofimatica - CET Chicala

  • tics



  • Science in a Changing World

    Science in a Changing World

    Real-world cases that invite participants to shape their own directions of inquiry about scientific and political change...

  • Using Google Apps as an LMS

    Using Google Apps as an LMS

    This course is about using Google Apps for Education as a Learning Management System and ensuring the both teacher and student needs are met.

  • Teaching Learners of English as an Additional Language (LEALs) in Mainstream Classrooms

    Teaching Learners of English as an Additional Language (LEALs) in Mainstream Classrooms

    The workshop series Teaching Learners of English as an Additional Language (LEALs) in Mainstream Classrooms is an introductory series designed for teachers who have little or no background in linguistics. Using a selection of readings, discussions, reflective and problem-based activities; teachers will develop a broad understanding and practical strategies (LEAL toolkit) for teaching LEALs in mainstream classrooms. Basic language teaching/learning theories and methods will be discussed. An awareness of the complexities of the English language and the common difficulties experienced by language learners will help prepare teachers to teach students whose first language is not English and who are simultaneously learning the English language and curriculum content. The goal is to provide teachers with the tools and “know how” necessary for ensuring that all learners receive high-quality teaching. This series is intended for teachers who wish to provide linguistically and culturally respo

  • Copyright 4 Educators (AUS)

    Copyright 4 Educators (AUS)

    A course for educators in Australia who want to learn about copyright, statutory licences and open educational resources.

  • Ropa & Moda

    Ropa & Moda

    Aquí hablaremos sobre la ropa que esta de moda, conjuntos que se ponen nuestras estrellas de Televisión o Internet y muchas cosas más!

  • 複・双・対::(ω-Duality)自己規定


    ω-Dualityは日本語で複・双・対と表記します 複・双・対プロジェクトは現時点で最もバベル以前の言語状況 つまり『全ての人々が唯一の言葉を用いて暮らしていた』いはば 神話(或いは啓示史的な目的論的ビジョン)の再構成を試みる作業です このプロジェクトのために予備的事業として「バベル後」の歴史記述を 複・双・対はどのように遂行するか検証してみましょう 使用するデータはなるべくオープンアクセス可能なものから選択されますがオンライン事情が短期に変動する危険性を配慮し当コースにtar.gzファイルでまとめてアップロードしておきます コース参加者はなるべくLinux(debian系)からアクセスすることが推奨されます 理由は参加者自らこのデータを検証することで副次的に理解できる筈です

  • Programming Theory in Practice 2

    Programming Theory in Practice 2

    This course follows on from "Programming Theory in Practice 1", and deals with topics such as Object Orientation, Database Access, and Design principles.

  • Getting Started with a Mystery Skype Partner

    Getting Started with a Mystery Skype Partner

    Get started with the Mystery Skype program in your classroom.

  • Radical Politics Reading Group

    Radical Politics Reading Group

    An independent reading group looking at Marxism and Anarchism from various primary and contemporary sources. Motivated by an interest in the role of these ideas in today's world, their increasingly intertwined relationship, and how or if they relate to our respective theories of change. The reading list will evolve as we read and formulate our own interests and opinions. Weekly target readings and discussions. This group is being collaboratively and pretty informally coordinated by a group of bi-coastal friends.

  • Programming Theory In Practice 1

    Programming Theory In Practice 1

    Learn the theory of programming using the Python programming language.

  • JFS of Metrowest Volunteer Orientation

    JFS of Metrowest Volunteer Orientation

    This course will give you an overview of the mission, values, and programming at JFS of Metrowest. Additionally it will discuss the nuts and bolts of being a volunteer with the agency.

  • Contemporary German Culture and Media

    Contemporary German Culture and Media

    This course examines the development of German culture through a discussion of media in German contexts. Questions to be answered in the course include: what relationship does media have to German history and social thought? How do German literary and cinematic works dialogue with media in German contexts? Students will complete a series of small tests based on course materials and presentations, as well as their own research and creative projects in an effort to think about their own relationship to both German culture and media. The course is conducted in English and no previous knowledge of German is required.

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