gepost bericht: Posted a new video on common network utilities at The utilities include: ping, telnet, netstat, nslookup, dig, traceroute, and whois. You can also see the series of videos at Let me know if you have any questions.
gepost bericht: New video posted in and youtube on how to use the Linux Batch and At utilities. They're similar to crontabs but are used for one time events. Let me know if you have any questions.
gepost bericht: New video posted at on Linux Crontabs, Cron Jobs, and Job Schedulers. You can also see the series of videos at
gepost bericht: Created a CronTab Tutorial that you can find here:
gepost bericht: New Tip for Today: You can use CTRL-A to put you to beginning of your line in bash, CTRL-E to put you at the end. You can also use CTRL-R to do a search through your history by keywords.
gepost bericht: New Video Posted on LVM "Logical Volume Management". This process of creating partions will allow you to easily manage and resize partitions for your GNU/Linux Box. Find the video on
gepost bericht: I have posted new links for everyone to find available RPM packages.
gepost bericht: GNU/Linux Tip: To get any list of a configuration files for a package all you need to do is use the utility `rpm -qc bash` which will give you a list of configuration files for the bash shell.
gepost bericht: New videos will be posted this week. Sorry for the delay, but I had final exams to study for. Thank you all for being patient.
gepost bericht: GNU/Linux Tip of the Day: Using the `watch` utility will allow you to run a command at a set interval. For instance, say you need to check the status of a process and you were using `ps -aux`. You could do `watch -n 2 'ps -aux | grep PID'` and the grep you issued would repeat every 2 seconds since we defined a 2 second interval with -n.
gepost bericht: GNU/Linux Tip of the day: using the nohup utility followed by a command and the & will allow you to run a script immune to any hangups as a background process. Example: `nohup php script.php &` will run the script.php file as a background process while making sure there are no interruptions.
gepost bericht: GNU/Linux Tip of the day: Using a utility `screen` can allow you to share a terminal with other people allowing easy remote interaction.
gepost bericht: Update. IRC Chats/Channel will now be held at #p2pu-55-linux Let me know if anyone needs help logging on.
gepost bericht: GNU/Linux Tip of the day: You can send messages to all users currently logged in to the system using the wall utility. Example. `wall Hi everyone` would send the message Hi everyone to everyone currently logged in.
gepost bericht: I'm looking for bilingual people to help me with different users questions. Let me know if you're interested and what languages you speak.
gepost bericht: Apart from the courses, I want to invite everyone to post what they would like to learn. We can have group discussions, regarding the topic you choose. If I get enough votes for a video on that topic, then I will also make a video walking you whatever we voted on.
gepost bericht: Sorry I wasn't able to post a new video this weekend. I will work on making some this coming week to make up for it. I have created a task in the mean time for everyone to do some research.
gepost bericht: Only a few videos left to post, and then we will have 1 last exam which will allow you to get your level 1 certification. Certifications will be issued using the name provided in the Courses site. You will receive a email with a PDF version of the certification after you pass the course. If you would like a hard copy please get in contact with me for more details. A new course will be open then after for the level 2 which will cover more advance topics as well as security. There will be 3 Levels in total to the GNU Linux certifications, where the 3rd one will be the highest you can achieve through P2PU and DevBlog Courses.
gepost bericht: Cool GNU Linux Tip for Today: Configure NTP on your system to synchronize your time. There are only 4 steps to do this. First install ntp "yum -y install ntp". Second synchronize NTP to a defined server "ntpdate". Next start the ntpd service "service ntpd start". Lastly, make it so ntpd starts after each reboot "chkconfig ntpd on". You can find a tutorial here:
gepost bericht: Cool GNU Linux Tip for Today: Customize your VIM editor by adding a tree explorer. The NERD tree allows you to explore your filesystem and to open files and directories. It presents the filesystem to you in the form of a tree which you manipulate with the keyboard and/or mouse. It also allows you to perform simple filesystem operations. To install: Put NERD_tree.vim in ~/.vim/plugin and NERD_tree.txt in ~/.vim/doc. For more information click here: