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    publicó mensaje: I'm still awaiting review for my badge. Anyone?
    publicó mensaje: Hi, I will be interested to see how easy it is to export data collected in the curating applications I will try.
    publicó mensaje: You can now earn a Curator badge for this course. Apply Here: https://p2pu.org/en/badges/curator/ Best, CC
    publicó mensaje: Dear All, I have changed the design of my tumblr blog to fit the type of posts I post. Curating in online is also about its presentation. The present theme allows the content to correspond well with the visitor. Any suggestions? Feed backs ? http://re-views.tumblr.com/
    publicó mensaje: Looking forward to starting this course. I'm an Art Teacher who loves tech and the idea of needing the skill of curation in learning for the 21st Century is one I am very interested in. I think students and teachers, both, need this skill. Teachers should be used to it as they organise the info for their classes and students as they organise the info they need for exams, however, I wonder if this skill, at present is too narrow a focus. Will enjoy hearing and experiencing more throughout the course. OK - off I go and start. Fred.
    publicó mensaje: Hi, I am curating content related with new ways of learning in Spain
    publicó mensaje: edited final task. Per Chloe's suggestion, changed the vague "Share any extra information on content curation and a link to your curated list below!" to a specific restatement of the process followed in the challenge with an emphasis on the fact that if you followed this process you have a deliverable product.

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