publicó mensaje: Greetings! Thank you for signing up for the Making Writing and Literacy Learning Connections study group @ P2PU starting July 9th. Since you've all received generic welcomes from me already I wanted to jump in here and say hello in person. Also, since the core of our work will be informed by what we bring to this collective "table" I wanted you to meet each other too (see the sign up list: Please note that the tasks will be posted next week so you can get a sense of the direction we are planning. For those of you who said they'd be interested in helping to organize we will reach you directly and thank you for the offer too. See you on the 9th!
publicó mensaje: Hello everyone. Thank you so much for your participation in this study group. It was pleasure to learn with and from you all. Feel free to send us any reflections about future study groups as we'd love to hear your thoughts -- we will keep this forum open a little longer for that purpose and then will archive it for continued access too. And just fyi that tomorrow, April 3 at 11am ET/8am PT, Philipp Schmidt, one of the co-founders of Peer 2 Peer University will be featured on a connected learning webinar, We are inviting bloggers to share about these webinars at, so if you catch it or watch the archive, feel free to do so too. All the best, Christina