publicó mensaje: GOOD definition of a foundation here:
publicó mensaje: 3) Something in creating a care center for animals like dogs and cats. ? Maybe an area for them to exercise while they are also taken care of?
publicó mensaje: 2) Create an eco friendly station in one part of the neighborhood. Implement a garden and begin to spread it to become a vegetable garden/communal garden for neighborhoods that could use the food! We would start out with an area that needs cleaned, taken care of. We would clean up, clear an area to plant seeds like tomatoes or peppers, and then eventually handover to someone nearby to expand it to help serve others! Periodically, like roadside cleanup, or Adopt A Highway, we can create Adopt a garden for serving food to those that might be homeless. This will help others begin to have a purpose to helping each other!
publicó mensaje: Give me an idea and I will develop/submit it! 1) take over a low income area building, build trees, install a coffee pot and supplies, and create a community gathering run coffee shop to create awareness of eduction, technology, and crating a communal sharing of education. Slowly, this will spread! We can use students from school as volunteers, display art, and begin to branch out starting with smaller one stand coffee shops, reclaiming a sense of individuality to neighborhoods while spreading the chance for education to be shared.
publicó mensaje: This is something people should try!
publicó mensaje: HEY! Check this out!
publicó mensaje: Okay folks! Crunch time! What do you need to jump start or ad life to your project! Let me know and I will help! :)
publicó mensaje: Take a look at this with regards to Kony2012
publicó mensaje: What do you think of this? Apparently there's this little league in CA who can't afford to pay their fees for this season, and some company stepped in to donate the fees for them. Once they found out they were a Gentleman's Club, they refused the money and turned them down, and now they're still in the hole, and they might not be able to play this season. What the heck? Who cares what company donated it? It's not like it's stolen drug money.
publicó mensaje: If anyone wants to see a sample former grant application, let me know! :) Harry
publicó mensaje: Negativity - Okay, here is another thought - how do you handle negativity? Sure, the previous instance is one, how about when you try to organic, and people not necessarily attack you, but point fingers on the negative? For example - we are planning Battle of the Bands 2012, and donating a large proportion to the Tarahamura in Mexico. (I have done Battle of the Bands for 6 years). Someone wrote the following: "harry y r u running battle when ur not here?.................... and who made the deciison to have the money given to you?" Just to clarify - I am getting NOTHING from running this concert from Mexico, lol, it is going to charity and some back to PAVE to do this next year again, but as a group, how do you respond? (or clarify)
publicó mensaje: Application of grants - Here are some ideas - National Volunteer Week in the U.S is in April (15-21st) , a great initiative is to put some work into the Soroptomist Park and get volunteers to PR neighboring businesses, asking for mulch, other items, to clean up and add to the park this week, including elementary and secondary educators and students! Also, March 24th is a Beach Grass planting opportunity at Bethany! All exciting things that PAVE - our group in handles and enacts getting others involved! Is there a National Volunteer Week in Mexico? If not, how can individuals in Mexico parallel those students in that week alongside Delaware? (Some great options here for the grants that are available!)
publicó mensaje: Here is a dilemma we need help on! - Rehoboth Beach in the area wants to organize a night to post posters for the Kony2012 event, but they found this restriction in the city rules/laws... § 232-55 Violations and penalties. Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this article shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than $25 nor more than $100 and shall pay the costs of prosecution. For the purposes of this article, each day that a violation continues or is committed shall be deemed to be a separate offense. There are more laws, but what can we do to get this through? No signs on trees, cars, etc allowed, so what can we do?! :)
publicó mensaje: Hola! Okay, so those of you that have started in Ms Dixie's classes and Mr Alaniz, let me know what you need! You should have had a time to design an idea you'd to enact as a project - now if you need help finding a grant to make it fit - let me know! So far I have a few students I have contacted regarding also being on hand - I need to get the others to commit to a specific set of days to help as well! :) (hint!)
publicó mensaje: Here it s new one, the FULL LINK! and check this movement out - a great idea to maybe use as a possible project: and wow...this school needs our help... They need laptops BADLY!
publicó mensaje: IF anyone needs an idea for a grant project, we also have a South African School that needs some laptops - I can work with someone on this! And this is the grant of the day! Take a Look at THIS! Grant Organization: The McGraw-Hill Companies Contact URL: Eligibility: Individuals who are committed to the cause of education, and have led or are leading efforts that have significantly impacted the face of American education Grant Deadline: Friday March 16th, 2012 Grant Value: Three awards of $50,000 each
publicó mensaje: Welcome! Main task are to organize your team, (you may want to print out the task list/spreadsheet), write your intros, watch the above videos in Navigating P2PU, and begin to formulate a plan/project idea... How does that sound?!
publicó mensaje: WELCOME TO THE FIRST DAY of P2PU! We have about 50-60 students that will be sign on on this week - and to prepare, I though it might be good to have the following: 1)Make sure you have an intro about yourself up! 2)go to and look for the blog, "P2PU Mexico Meets Delaware!" and check out the handout we have to classes! They are excited to start and will be signing up this week! We need to make sure those students from DE and Mexico signed a mentors are familiar with P2PU, as well as those students/adults that want to learn how to write grants - please see what YOU, as a general search, can find under the term - service community grants. Add them to our"grant opportunities" section the the left and bottom!
publicó mensaje: I am doing NANO in November, I want to write about things that have happened in my life since they involve so many people and the connections I made and learned from the experiences are important to pass on to others, is there ANY way to take that and make it fiction - I would like to follow the rules of it being a fiction piece, but do not know how to take realistic events that occurred and make it still a tool for others and interesting, does merely changing the name of someone make it fiction if it is based on real events? lol....Thanks!
publicó mensaje: You need to check these two websites out: (This was shown to me by a student yesterday, and she was fascinated in how it does NOT use 21st Century Technology but mimics it...but yet, it does use 21st Century and tries not (Original VIDEO) (Behind the Scenes - Wait until you see HOW they made it!) Thanks Mary (awesome student) for showing this to me!