posted message: Welcome to Week 4 - We will send out a summary email of this week shortly. Please make sure you post to your group task page your preference for topics! Also please visit to check out where we are going to be building our kit. We chose a wiki based on feedback from class members.
posted message: There have a been a number of questions about classroom blogging. Here is a list of resources that we collected all about classroom blogging. If there's anything you're looking for that isn't here let us know and we can try to help.
posted message: I'm coming around to why P2PU is set up the way it is (i.e. not on Moodle). But I still think a stronger social engine would further the Peer Learning mandate (like Elgg).
posted message: Feeling better now that we have updated our course image :-) !
posted message: Seems like the profile I had added originally was deleted? Anyone else have a problem with this (or know where I might be able to recover my original)?
posted message: Why on earth didn't P2PU use Moodle or another FOSS framework to run/manage courses? Seems like trying to reinvent the wheel. Yikes!