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    posted message: You can respond the tasks by adding a comment to each task so we can document the Q and A and the development of each task. Thank you!
    posted message: Hi Celine i couldn't view before this course, can you explain me should i do?
    posted message: I have two ideas for a web based community. One of the is centered on a beginning English speaker network. My second project idea is focused on a community for seminarians or theology school grads.
    posted message: 1.The main goal for users of a learning how to use a computer community site would be To feel comfortable and not intimidated To think that they will succeed 2.The brand goals should include Logo Name Slogan that they remember and are attracted to 3.The business goals of this community site are to have enough members that ad revenue will cover at least cover hosting expenses. This is where I am at now. I read and went to all the sites to see what the discussion was, thanks for all of that. I will go back and go over it again for more insight, I wanted to post what I am thinking, which will evolve, thanks.
    posted message: Thank you all for sharing what your community is about. If you haven't yet, now is the time! Now that we have an idea of who generally the site is for, identify 3 main actions your site offers. For example, Youtube it would be : upload video, share, subscribe Flickr would be : upload photos, comment, favorite What are the 3 actions your site is about?
    posted message: Hello everyone! Let's start this class with a first challenge. I am also putting together a wiki where we can add our definitions, and document this class. Until then, I am looking forward in reading your answers! :)
    posted message: Just a reminder to everyone that Céline (http://p2pu.org/en/celinecelines/) is the organiser for Designing For Communities. My profile is displayed from when we transferred the group from the old P2PU site. Good luck Celine! This is a great looking course!