posted message: FYI, tonight's discussion session on the topic of Game Design is taking place in the ARG MindMap Area here:
posted message: As folks are coming together into their groups to collaborate on their Machinima, I'd love to hear how you're going about connecting & working together. Are you deciding to meet & plan inworld in SL and/or outworld? Are you using a mix of separate tools to build your own framework for your group's collaborative activities or are you using an environment where tools are consolidated, like Google Plus or an equivalent that's commonly used in educational circles? I think it would be interesting & useful to learn about the different approaches people taking as they go about the business of forming their groups & accomplishing their Machinima projects.
posted message: Some of us on the tour of the ROMA and Acropolis sites in SL today were asking about the MOOC Flickr account for posting pictures. Turns out we have two active groups for this. The first (that I became aware of) was started by Gridjumper here: And the second account is located here: ~ Jerry